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Pembrokeshire Coastal Path


Pembrokeshire is the only coastal National Park in Britain and has so much to offer its visitors. Although one of the smallest of the UK's National Parks, it certainly makes up for this with its dramatic coastal scenery. Our seaward boundary here at Swallow Tree allows for direct access to the 186-mile coastal path, a haven for anyone who enjoys breathtaking views, walking and wildlife. Invigorating and grounding, where the land meets our seas.


Opened in 1970, the Pembrokeshire Coast Path offers superb walking with some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery in Britain…and it goes right past your house! The coast path is all that is between you and the sea on the seaward boundary, and the end point of the whole path is less than five miles away in Amroth.  Although some choose to walk the whole path, most people take the more sensible option and follow one of the eleven one day walks that allow car parking at start and finish and are serviced by the coastal bus service. The scenery, flora and fauna have to be seen to be believed, and every season offers something different.  Whether it is the smell of gorse flowers on a summers day, picking wild sloes as you amble along in September, watching seal pups taking their first foray into the water, or witnessing the stunning power of the sea on a windy winters day, every walk seems to offer something unique.

Discover more about the Pembrokeshire Coast Path by visiting the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park website.


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